Welcome Feast Cooking Classes: 

Welcome Feast Cooking Classes support and assist connection between people seeking asylum, refugees and the wider Australian community, to exchange culture and an understanding of the refugee journey through conversations and the sharing of food and traditions. People seeking asylum who are living in the community can be extremely isolated, leading to financial insecurity, homelessness and mental health concerns. With the preparation of food, sharing stories and celebrating difference and unity at the heart of this program, Welcome Feast Cooking Classes provide valuable opportunities for development and empowerment of all involved.

“When you want to know about another culture, food is the way to open the door.”  Promela, Client Chef

Welcome Feast Cooking Classes are flexible and can be tailored to suit the occasion and the nature of your community organization, workplace, friendship or faith group. In the past we’ve run classes for:

  • Schools (Service/Outreach Days, Holiday Activities, Social Justice Programs)
  • Community groups
  • Private homes and churches
  • Corporate development & team-building events
  • Catering for events and markets

Classes can also be run as a workshop with space for discussion around issues of welcome for people seeking asylum and refugees, and to create better public awareness of the human face of asylum seeker and refugee issues. 

“The entire experience was incredible… I love talking to everyone and building relationships. It was very humbling.”  High School Student

The House of Welcome recognises the capabilities, skills and incredible traditional food knowledge our clients’ bring with them to their new home country. These classes present our client ‘chefs’ with the opportunity to share their recipes and become leaders of the classroom, building their confidence and communication skills. Meaningful, personal connections and a sense of inclusiveness are fostered when established Australians come together with our client chefs, working side by side towards a common goal and a delicious meal. It’s a great way to explore our cultural differences and celebrate our shared humanity. Classes conclude with a shared meal.

“[The event] made the whole issue really human for me… I was really touched by the evening.” Ashleigh, Attendee

For more information about booking a cooking class please contact Suma Pillai Ph: 9727 9290 Email: s.pillai@houseofwelcome.com.au