The House of Welcome catering social enterprise creates connections through cultural and fusion-inspired cuisine made by people from refugee and asylum seeker backgrounds.

House of Welcome Catering is passionate about providing opportunities for refugees and people seeking asylum that enable their self-determination, empowerment and participation in the community.

Refugees and people seeking asylum contribute significantly to our community, and bring with them skills, talents and diverse experiences that enrich our economic and social fabric. Through the exchange of traditional foods and flavours, the enterprise connects these chefs with the wider community and creates platforms for meaningful cross-cultural exchanges. 

The team of House of Welcome chefs is supported by a Head Chef who provides consultation and mentorship to develop fusion-inspired cuisine, to give professional support and to create food of the highest standard.  

The catering enterprise provides training and work opportunities to people seeking asylum and refugees.  By choosing the House of Welcome Catering Social Enterprise you will be supporting an initiative that provides employment and a sustainable means to grow the business and support the work of the House of Welcome.