Greenlight Movement supports at-risk young people to break the cycle of disadvantage by facilitating a mentor relationship with access to a vehicle to assist young people to achieve their provisional driving licence.


Holding a driver’s licence increases social mobility, community connectivity and importantly, the ability to gain and maintain employment.  

The Greenlight Movement was set up to remove the barriers disadvantaged youth experience to achieving their drivers licence by matching young people without access to a parent or guardian with a mentor to assist them to achieve the 120 hours of supervised driving required for a provisional licence.  

The program provides a vehicle, mentor training and support for participants and their mentors throughout the training period. Community participation is increased through the commitment of young people and their mentors, the reliance on volunteer mentors and partnerships with businesses and community.

More than just a Learn To Drive Program:

Greenlight Movement (GLM) assists at-risk young people to break the cycle of disadvantage whilst also providing an opportunity for empowerment, education & social cohesion. Research has found that holding a licence and access to a vehicle improves access to employment and education opportunities, increases independence and reduces the burden on family members (Audrey & Langford, 2013).  

For each individual young person who completes the GLM program, the skills they learn and the benefits that come with them are life-long. Holding a licence means a young person meets the criteria for a greater number of employment opportunities as they are able to address the licence selection criteria and travel to a further destination to engage in employment activities.


Since taking control of the program in 2014, we are incredibly proud of the results Greenlight Movement has achieved:

The average participant has one two hour lesson per week with a volunteer mentor and St Francis Social Services provides up to 10 hours of professional driving lessons. 

14 months is how long it takes average participant to complete the program. 

In Financial Year 2016 - 2017

122 young people participated in the Greenlight Movement

30 volunteer mentors were matched with a young person or enrolled ot be matched

26 young people achieved a Provisional Licence

29 young people were on our waiting hoping to be matched with a volunteer mentor.

The program offers this opportunity to disadvantaged young people in two locations across Sydney: City East and Bankstown.